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/ Jacob “JJ” Jones, Week 2 Journal

This week my main focus was on project management. My main focuses were on creating a Gantt chart that could accurately bring us through our project while hitting all of our major milestones, fixing our website, and also generally stressing about the project.



Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never done a Gantt chart that extended beyond a 10-week term. I’m really good at the 10-week Gantt chart. I’m really worried since I’m also a very strict PMP manager. The PMP framework makes a lot of sense to me, I have a copy of the PMBOK that I keep near me always. Agile development seems weird and scary. How do you make sure sprints actually address all major concerns with the project? How do you get to the point where your project is actually shippable? How do I make a Gantt chart dedicated to iterative production? I’ll really need to research this.


No, you read that right. 5 hours. Like, it was really messed up. I keep track of the number of times I swear while working on this project, so I’m going to call this a “12 goddamnit” problem. Because, while working on this issue, I said “goddamnit” 12 times. It was a mess.


My favorite type of narrative in DIGM is the “I didn’t know what was wrong, I researched and found the answer, and it got fixed.” The website wasn’t at all like that. The website went through several hours of fixes, three different themes, and a ton of custom CSS. This website is essentially being held together with ducktape CSS. If any one line were deleted, this website will fall apart. I know I sound really defeated, but getting the website to this point took a while.

Negatives for the Week:

I feel like I’ve really disappointed my team this week. I feel terrible. I need to do better next week.

Positives for the Week:

The Gorillaz released a new interactive story. Damon Albarn is amazing.

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