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/ Ian Hartman Week 08 PPJ
February 27, 2017

This week is almost exciting for me. As of tomorrow, all shots need to be locked in animation by end-of-day and thus I can start applying effects to all shots.

To prepare myself for the fun two weeks of rendering and final simulations I worked on tuning up effects for cube world (CUB 010) where I added thrusters behind the ship and a dust kick-up simulation along the ground. The dust gave me a chance to build out a cluster system for along a line that allows for a quicker simulation that takes up less space on disk. The downside (if it matters for the simulation) is that the independent instance clusters cannot interact with each other. For this simulation, this doesn’t matter and the boundaries between the clusters aren’t noticeable.

Here you can see the setup working, as the dust travels along the ground it creates simulation containers as it needs:

In COR 010 I’ve been sprucing up the setup to add detail to the fracture, an asteroid ring to add depth, and more thought into the lighting and shading of the core geometry. It is looking likely that we will be rendering the core out of Mantra and compositing it on top of the render out of Renderman. The fracture got internal detail in the form of extra noise detailing and displacements that add a nice level of breakup to the light as it hits the fracture shapes.

I’m slowly adding thrusters to each scene, with SRP finished rendering for beta I can add thrusters to the ship and heat distortion to all shots to give it all a nice plus up.

The renderfarm is acting up when it comes to accessing Renderman zip archives that its generating or texture files. This only seems to propagate when the render is run via command line (which is how the jobs for the farm are run). I’ll continue to look into this as its about 10-15% of the rendered frames that are affected, which I don’t think is insignificant.

Effects for all shots are pretty much roughed into a point where over the next couple of weeks I can have a steady stream of work and rendering, we should make beta with renders, effects, and comp for all shots.

Lobster Fact: Finding the ocean more inhabitable, the Lobster evolved from the land-faring and now extinct Dodo birds.

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