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/ Ian Hartman Week 07 PPJ
February 21, 2017

The past week has seen updates with COR, ATM, the in-house render farm, Qarnot’s renderfarm, and plenty of frustration.

COR got some fancy new bits added that help sells the story of these two planet halves that are now in a equilibrium of sorts. After meeting on Thursday with our advisor, we were in a bit of a nebulous place with how we wanted to proceed with COR. I had a weak direction of what we wanted it to look like and I was more-or-less throwing things and seeing what stuck. I received good direction from our advisor, talking about how to add visual interest to the base of COR. Implementation began with building a quick fracture of the core that serves as a hardened outer crust for the more viscous inner core. Here you can see iterations on the system I made throughout the first couple of hours:

I proceeded to add the fracture the top of the viscous core as well and a first iteration of blobby rocks that try and sell a story of blobs cooling off the core and floating toward the gravitational pull of either half of the planet…

This is then exported out of Houdini and back into Maya using Alembic.

ATM 020 has been a bit more frustrating this week. Mainly because I started off thinking out the simulation environment wrong and made the process harder on myself. I took the extra effort and converted my environment so that the simulations happen centered on the origin. Before, I was attempting to sim pyro and particles on a moving object and was getting a lot of conflicting velocities, from inheritance off the ship and those I was attempting to set manually. Plus, Houdini was having trouble keeping the fluid intact as the ship moves several meters through the scene each frame. Everything is going much smoother now… except for the stepping issues I’m having. All will be solved with more substeps and time.

* I don’t have any renders from my previous iterations, pre-centering (Houdini crashed, lost them all)

The renderfarm maintained here works. Rendered the latest iteration of GHL today using the farm. I had my peers opt their computers into being on the farm as they worked throughout the day. works great.

Qarnot’s farm service is still in-progress. There are some bugs that need working out with how I’m managing the upload of files. Besides that, I need to implement a service that snapshots the current state of the renders and downloads your rendered frames on an interval, instead of all of them at the end. Otherwise, if anything happens, you lose your renders. Hoping to get tests from space dog team this week. Maybe a shot from our project? IDK.

I need to work smarter not harder and hope that I find a bit more steam in the next week, been leaking for a couple weeks now.

Lobster Fact: All crustaceans are lobsters, but not all lobsters are crustaceans. Just like squares and rectangles.

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