Catching a few lobsters...
/ Ian Hartman Spring Week 01 PPJ
April 7, 2017

Coming back from spring break I’m feeling refreshed and ready to hit the grounding running. This is the last term we have to get this project out the door and then graduate… that’s weird to think about.

Anyway, we were supposed to do a set of style frames over break but I spent most of my time taking a step back from it all and spending time with friends and family. So, the first day back I got back to work and make a few style frames, here are my favorites:

Tried to take a few shots and think about what they were missing the most. ATM 020 was missing a serious sense of space and depth, added a cloud layer with a horizon: this adds a lot of nice depth and perspective to the shot. WRP 010 was missing detail and an overall direction (it was a bit of an afterthought last term).

Working on sprucing up simulations from last term and putting a level of polish on everything, the small details.

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