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/ Earning My Keep: JJ’s Week 8 PPJ

This past week I began learning DaVinci Resolve, which is an industry standard color correction and color grading tool. We’d like to start incorporating this into our pipeline as soon as this upcoming alpha presentation. By using Resolve to push colors, we can further develop the aesthetic qualities that we’re trying to develop in our renders and ensure that we’re using color to really hit the emotional qualities we’re attempting to convey in the shots.


Then I moved on to working on the Matte Painting for our proof of pipeline shot. This shot is intended to show off our working pipeline, so we need it to look good enough to show that we’re able to accomplish our final project. Here was 1 of 3 matte paintings I completed, and the one the design that my group felt best complimented the render.


I then completed a new edit of our animation, which can be found in our team PPJ.

Finally, I began working on fleshing out a better matte painting and trying my best to make it look realistic. When I left for the night I was working on getting my painting to render in RenderMan, which took a tutorial or two more than I’m proud to admit.


I also made a second layer to the matte painting for clouds, which was removed since we wanted to ensure that they had a layer of depth. We wanted to ensure there was parallax movement, and we couldn’t make that with 2D clouds. Here’s just the cloud layer that was removed.


The light gray represents the transparencies. Because these paintings are in 4k, I was unable to upload the raw image.

LOBSTER FACT: The word “lobster” comes from the Algonquin phrase “ll ob stair” which roughly translates to “Oww! What the hell!? That little red thing just pinched me.”

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