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/ DIE: A Render Farm Success Story
March 5, 2017

The first major success story from today is I finally looked up the proper way to write “render farm.” Turns out its two words and non-hyphenated. Good to know.

The Drexel render farm gets a lot of hatred, so I thought I’d just report the story of the farm doing exactly what it was supposed to do.

Before last night, I had never used the Render farm before. I’m the sort of person who would sneaker net whole projects in a single night through the Maya GUI. But, since we have the farm and a deadline to hit, I decided to try working on the render farm.

Before leaving last night, I put five shots on the render farm, a total of 1,150 frames with 12 different passes. From my first submission until the final render was returned, about 10 hours elapsed.

And, even better, of that 1,150 frames that were returned, there were render errors on three frames. One dropped frame and two glitches. Here’s those glitches, because glitches are fun.

Just stopped rendering part way through the render.

My purpose in this post is just to express my awe at the power of the farm and lament my previous sneaker net efforts on previous projects. I’m also deeply lamenting the impending tragic loss of the farm when I leave drexel. How well I ever get shots rendered on my Macbook again? I’m sure the transition will be like going back to a single monitor computer after years of being spoiled with two monitors– possible but highly uncomfortable.

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