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Deep Dive into Deep Space

So when we joined together to form our senior project team, we agreed on one major pillar to build our project around. That was space (Like outer space, not like 3 dimensional space). Then what followed was a Spring and Summer of pitching many ideas around space. Such as paralleling past space exploration with potential future ones; first contact between Aliens and Human; or two spaceships speeding through the galaxy to meet for a epic fist bump of galactic proportions (How we didn’t go with this idea is beyond me (I blame Ian ; ) ) ).


As the summer went on we gravitated to following a spaceship on a journey, hoping planet to planet in search of “something”. There was never a concrete decision on. Form that board ideas we went to more detailed pitches and discussion for the piece. Like how much of a narration though line, should there be. How could we use data bending to tell our story. Something that was bought up early in the our process was looking at inspirations from poetry. Ian brought forward the poem “Eldorado” by Edgar Allen Poe, as it could relate to the direction we were aiming up on. Following the Poe poem gave us a loose outline to frame concepts that were getting swished around. The poem is about a knight in search for the fabled golden city of Eldorado and faces death as he doesn’t find it in his old age. But he overcomes it and continues his search. With the closing stanza of

‘Over the Mountains

   Of the Moon,

Down the Valley of the Shadow,   

    Ride, boldly ride,’

   The shade replied,—

‘If you seek for Eldorado!’

– “Eldorado”

by Edgar Allen Poe

Our spaceship is like the knight going on a maybe endless journey in to the unknown. It overcomes a moment where it face destruction in the supernova data bending sequence and is able to continue on.


As we went into the first weeks of fall term, we took our storyboards and pieces of concept art and laid out what was pretty much the first version of our current project. Big point were making the journey of our spaceship feel long and expansive while, keeping the movie relatively short. And while we may have spent many hours over 5 months coming to what our story is, we came back with help form our advisor and professors that the narrative isn’t our main focus. Going back to what brought us down the route it is the theme of space and realization of our concept art into finished renders. That is the challenge that we are taking on and what been driving us further, as we go longer in this project. 

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