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/ DaVinci Resolve Test #1: Mix of Success and Failure


Today I decided I was going to learn DaVinci Resolve 12. It took me a couple of hours to get use to the color correction workflow using test footage, then I decided to take it for a spin on some of our composited footage. I used older versions of LPO_010 and ECL_010, since they were composited and well into the look development stages.

Here’s before and after images of both sequences, side-by-side:


LPO I feel was pretty successful. The light had really pushed the whole sequence yellow, and I pulled it back to a more normal color. The planet looks much more realistic with the effects I added.

I’m not a fan of ECL. While I like the orange-blue contrast that I created, the effect falls apart once the eclipse begins, since the exposure focus is meant to change the image significantly. I need to learn how to apply key frames to the adjustments in Resolve.

I’m also slightly worried that, while I like the way these changes look, I might be overriding other grading changes brought in during compositing. In fact, as I’m typing this and watching the video loop, I can see that the grade did completely remove LPO’s lens flare. I guess I should also look into preserving fine detail within color correction.


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