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/ Daniel’s Week 8 PPJ:
February 28, 2017

Daniel’s Week 8 PPJ:

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February 28, 2017

This week wasn’t the best productivity wise, kinda spun my wheels the first half, and these past few days I have gotten sick. I did get some smaller task done, I edited the ship animation in the beginning of SPR so it enters the frame with more speed and form the side. I worked on WRP 010 animation for awhile and found that keeping it simple works the best. After doing the animation on SPR , I went to render it but there was a problem with the displacements, so it took some time to figure those out. I worked on the CMP environment but I run in some annoying problems with zbrush and uvs, and being sick didn’t help, so we still have alot of work to do for that shot. Also earlier I saw CUB could be rerendered, but then I got side tracked trying materials on the big cubes , looking up how people have done renderman materials and stuff, but I never really got anywhere.

Lobster Fact: For a unknown reason, lobsters are deathly afraid of gynecologists.


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