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/ Daniel’s Week 7 PPJ
February 21, 2017

Daniel’s Week 7 PPJ

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February 21, 2017

We were talking about changing the camera move on WRP 020, so I did a quick pass on the camera panning with the ship in that shot. Next I took a step back form ECL and wanted to move the shot to look closer to how  we liked it in the past. The ship is now animated and mostly lit in nuke, and think it at a lot better spot compared to fumbling around with the shot the past weeks. I took a stab at creating some sun detail with particles in Houdini, I will have to get back to that this week. I then went on to LPO as it was a shot that hasn’t have as much attention, I redid the lighting to better match the matte painting Brendan did. I did a test render of WRP 010 and found the animation and lighting need a revision, so that’s on my plate for this week too. Lastly I updated the object I made for camp to Renderman 21 shaders with displacements. Displacements maps have been working reliably in Renderman 21, I’m the earlier problems thinking it might have been one hidden setting we didn’t know about in Zbrush. 

LOBSTER FACT: Muhammad Ali is often misquoted with saying “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, when his real quote is “Float like a lobster, sting like a lobster”.

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