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/ Daniel’s Week 4 PPJ: Popping and Blocking

We have moved on past the animatic and stared with blocking and layout in 3D. I have done work on 4 scenes. I For the first campfire shot,I did some basic layout with cubes and it’s been a lot of just trying out different camera movements and timing , as the ship flies away. The atmosphere shot still needs work as we comes up for a more clear plan to shoot the ship flying into an atmosphere.  I did the layout and blocking for the spire shot. For the giant hole shot, I took a pass at sculpting the landscape in zbrush.hole_blockin_compare

In addition to the blocking, I have been working on creating clouds in Houdini for the atmosphere shot.


Pros: 1 week closer to finishing

Cons: 1 week closer to deadlines

-Daniel Fradkin

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