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/ Daniel’s Week 3 PPJ: Logging In
January 24, 2017

So starting the week I continued some work on the eclipse shot and then moved into the environment of the campsite shot.

First I created a piece of space wood for the camp fire (seen above). It took some time as I wanted to make it alien looking. I then textured and put added it to the scene. Now that I’m back in the groove with zbrush I hope to move faster on the rest of CMP’s environment. Ian made some generated rocks in Houdini and I added them to the CMP scene but due to a maya crash I lost that and some other work on the CMP scene. I did go down a path of seeing what a full tree of the space wood could look like but after working for a little bit and reexamining my sculpt; I decided to abandon that path as I didn’t want to make our animation adult only.

In addition to starting environment work on CMP, I did some test with the camera angle and movement , so it better showed the animation Matt has been working on and to have less movement.

Also there have been a large numbers of flies in 206 the past week. Large Meaty ones too. But us digms do not surrender our turf. To totally humble brag, I killed the most flies with 7 confirmed kills (Robert Fernandez may have also killed 7 but his tactics were reckless and I condone his actions.)

Lobster Fact: Two Thirds of The Massachusetts State Senate are lobsters.


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