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/ Daniel’s Week 2 PPJ
April 18, 2017

Daniel’s Week 2 PPJ

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April 18, 2017

So I continued working on the camp fire environment. I pretty much redid the lighting changes form last week after getting a render though, making the overall shot darker, fine tuning the fire flicker. I edited the ground displacements and sculpted the ground plane some. Also started on making grass for the environment, I first went down others paths (xgen, paintfxs, fur) but then polygon instancing looks to be the best bet. I took some time to look at ECL, I see the main thing for the shot fromm the end of last term was the color and grading of the shot, the main issues seems to be differences between different monitors and projectors. Also I didn’t like how the stars ended up looking when shown larger on the projector and I toned them down alot.

Lobster fact – All lobsters have two left claws.

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