Catching a few lobsters...
/ Daniel Fradkin’s Week 10 PPj
March 14, 2017

This week we went in the start getting the last shots ready to render. Beside doing a little render wrangling, I spent all my time in compositing. I went into eclipse shot, and spent some more time on a possible particle system for it, but as I was looking up reference I found 4K public domain Nasa videos of the sun. I thought it was wroth trying to use the real thing and after some wrangling with the footage, I got the star detail we been talking about.  Continuing with using the footage, my main hiccup is how to get the big jump in exposure change to really come through. 

Along with working on camp, I did the compositing for camp, integrating a sky and Ian’s effects. Going forward I would like to do another pass on the lighting to really get the time of night of the shot down.


LOBSTER FACT:  In the 1970’s  the CIA used lobster operatives to infiltrate the international underground aquarium drug ring known as White Water. It was the most successful drug bust of all time.

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