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We’ve talked a lot about using color to set the mood for our project, but we haven’t spent much time nailing down our actual color choices. This week I made a set of color swatches to illustrate a plan for each shot, and to make sure we’ve got a wide variety and contrast across the whole project. Here’s a brief description of each one.

CMP: Our opening shot, so I went for the cliche cinematic orange and teal. Dull blues will contrast well with the warmer light from the campfire and the ship. It should look feel inviting and familiar at first.

LPO: We’ve struggled to make this shot visually interesting so I thought it could use an unconventional color scheme, deep purple and mint green, to make things more interesting and alien. A big color shift from our first to second shot is the audience’s first clue that our project is more of a montage than a linear story.

ATM: Bright blues and pink-orange across all three atmosphere shots should give this segment a unified sense of place and emphasize exiting energy.

SRP: This shot has even brighter pinks than the previous one to continue the feeling of ramping up energy.

ECL: The eclipse shot is mostly high contrast black and white, creating dissonance in a shot without much action.

GHL and CUB: Both these shots use earthy red-browns and warm greens, they feel safe, in contrast with the next few shots.

COR: This shot uses lots of sickly over-saturated yellows and blown out whites to introduce the growing sense of danger.

AST: Harsh reds and oranges indicate extreme danger.

NOV010: Continues the reds from AST to show continued danger, but adds the pinks of the supernova.

NOV020: The inside of the supernova is mostly searing white with orange, pink, and yellow accents. No other part of the project should be as bright, the supernova is a unique and unexpected experience.

DIE: Flickering desaturated light in a dark abyss will show the empty hopelessness of the damaged ship. Orange from the engine exhaust kicks in in the last of these shots, calling back to the campfire and showing the return of hope.

WRP: The deep blue of the abyss lightens up and gives way to a welcoming orange. These colors could possibly be pushed closer to the first shot to create a sense of symmetry and catharsis.

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