Catching a few lobsters...
/ Brendan Brown’s Week 4 Project Production Journal

This weeks we officially start production, beginning by translating our animatic into 3D layouts in Maya. The layout stage is the most basic possible animation, just showing the basic movement of the camera, the timing of the shot, and a rough mock-up of the environment using grey boxes.


Its going really well right now, and I’ve already blocked in the layouts for 4 shots. So far I’m doing the respite at the planet’s core, the cube world, and the ending shots after our ship exits the SUPERNOVA. The team critiqued them at our Sunday night meeting, so I’ve got a pretty good idea how to make them better.

The only real problem right now is that Maya keeps freezing up on me. We thought it might be a problem with not deleting history correctly on our ship model, and it seemed to be fixed for a while but I’m not sure. I’m worried the problem is a result of working with such large geometry, because that means the problem will only get worse as our models become more complex than huge low-poly shapes.

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