Catching a few lobsters...
/ Brendan Brown’s Week 2 Project Production Journal


I worked on a bunch of different things this week. I did the first modelling pass on our spaceship, focusing on defining the proportions and the shape and form of the ship. Then I passed the model on to Matt Mlodzienski so I could focus on the story. We decided to go back to our inspiration, the Eldorado poem, and I wrote up some notes about how we could adapt the lines in the poem into images. I took the outline I wrote and started doing some new concept art based on it. It turned out pretty well. I really like rim lighting.


My big obstacle this week was designing space environments. Planet-based environments are generally easier to do because there’s just more stuff the ship can interact with and its easier to show scale and perspective. Space is pretty abstract, so most of my attempts at space images turning into flat messes. The above image was the one that turned out the best, its a real muted image of the ship exiting a hole in space.

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