Catching a few lobsters...
/ Brendan Brown Week 8 PPJ
February 28, 2017

This week I set up emission maps to control the arrangement of the trees in the Giant Hole shot.

I started setting up a similar plant system for Cube World. Its going to have cactuses and palm trees, but right now all the plant-particles look the same because I haven’t set up the geometry instancer yet. There’s a lot of work to do to get things to the same level of quality as Giant Hole, but there shouldn’t be any surprise problems because its all the same processes.

I also spent some time doing multiple animation revisions for the second Warp shot, which isn’t fully rendered yet, but I’m really excited about the changes that have been made.

Lobster Fact: Lobsters are responsible for the death of nearly four sea sponges every year.

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