Catching a few lobsters...
/ Brendan Brown Week 5 PPJ
February 6, 2017

This week was all about getting things ready for our presentation to the faculty tomorrow, so most of the work I did was focused on getting scenes ready to render and then doing basic compositing work to make those renders look nice.

I redid the lighting set-up for the planet core shot, added new geometry at the base of the core, and then rendered. I set up a simple comp to add bloom effects to the specularity, and to add a glow to our temporary core geometry object.

For the giant hole I did some minor texturing revisions, updated the light setup, and rendered.

I sculpted a new ground plane for cube world in zbrush, made minor changes to my lighting, and rendered. For this composite I was able to reuse portions of the proof-of-pipeline we made in the fall to add depth of field and atmospheric perspective.

I also composited matte paintings into the renders for the low-planet orbit and warp shots.

(This first warp shot is really really dark right now. It needs a lot of work)

Lobster Fact: The average lobster has a maximum of seven different kinds of bones.

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