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/ Brendan Brown Week 3 PPJ
January 24, 2017

The biggest thing I worked on this week was modeling and texturing the planet for the Core shot. After trying to create the underside of the planet with projection mapping on a flat circle (sorry for overusing projections Jeremy!), I realized that we really needed a full planet sculpt to get the necessary level of detail.

I also did some fine tuning on the textures for Spire Rock Planet, since most of the spires were too dark, and started projection mapping onto the Giant Hole shot. The Giant Hole needs a lot of work still, including revisions to the matte painting, blocking in geometry to convert into clouds, and most likely a ton of paint effects trees.

The last thing I did was start mocking up logo designs in photoshop, but then it crashed and I lost all my work. At least it was just sketches and not a part of our actual animation that needs to be redone.

Lobster Fact: The 1927 film Metropolis was set to be the first movie where all the characters were played by live lobsters, but when Fritz Lang discovered how hard lobsters were to work with he fired all the lobsters and re-shot the whole movie.

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