Catching a few lobsters...
/ Brendan Brown Week 2 PPJ
January 16, 2017

This week I mainly focused on the Spire Rock Planet shot. I slowed down the animation, added in a ton of spires in the background, and blocked in geometry for Ian to convert to clouds in Houdini.

Then I learned how to do Renderman projections, which came with a lot of problems that needed to be dealt with before it would work correctly. You might remember my previous blog post where I talked about how Renderman Archives and Renderman Projections don’t work together (see here: The solution to that problem is to bring the projections place3Dtexture node into the main scene separately from the archive, a pretty simple fix now that we know it works.

My next step for this shot is to learn how to do multiple renderman projections on a single object, a technique I’ll need to texture the foreground spires that the ship flies through.

I also started working on matte paintings for the background of the Low Planet Orbit shot and Warp Shot 020. They both are moving in a direction I like, but they need a lot more work to be less painterly and have a better sense of depth.

Lobster Fact: In 1928 trade ships accidentally introduced stowaway lobsters to New Zealand’s ecosystem, and the invasive lobster species wiped out 32 varieties of native birds.

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