Catching a few lobsters...
/ Brendan Brown Week 10 PPJ


Before going home for thanksgiving, Ian and I worked together to set up Renderman archives for all of the environment models I created. The models all had really high numbers of vertices (up to 8 million I think), which was slowing down our scenes and making it take up to ten minutes just to save each scene file. Renderman archives let us create an archived version of each model that can be referenced into our main scene, which leads to faster and smaller files. This will make working considerably easy going forward.

With that done, we set up some batch scripts, which were handed off to JJ to render over the break. Thanks JJ!

Lobster Fact: Overfishing in the 1830s decimated the native lobster populations in states like Kansas, Washington, and Nebraska. It wasn’t until 1964 that lobsters were reintroduced to these states as part of an initiative led by President Lyndon “Lobster” Johnson.

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