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/ Brendan Brown Week 06 PPJ
February 14, 2017

Most of the work I did this week was focused on building, texturing, and implementing trees into the project, starting with the giant hole shot.

I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped for two reasons. The first reason is because we’re using trees downloaded from the website xfrog and a lot of work needs to go into making them usable in renderman. The xfrog trees are great, but they are much denser meshes than we need for the scale they’ll be in the scene. I ran the trees through zBrush to reduce the polygon count, but I ended up reducing it way too much, so now I’m going through the whole process again with a better workflow to create trees with the right level of detail. The second reason is that I’ve been really sick for the past few days, and its hurt my ability to work.

Right now we’re at a point where I’ve learned how to use particle instancing to create a forest, but I have to make some trees first. My new system for reducing the geometry in zbrush works really well (it involves the “split to similar parts” tool and deleting geometry that is too small to be seen) and it makes retexturing easier than in my old system of running the geometry through dynamesh a few times.

Here’s a test render proving that I can do particle instancing to create a forest. I’m using the old crappy trees in this test, and they’re also a little bigger than they’ll be in the final version. It doesn’t look great yet, but I’ve got all the parts of the workflow figured out at this point.

Lobster Fact: A typical full-grown lobster has exactly 72.5 quarts of blood in its body.

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