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/ Boom Goes the Dynamite, Ian Hartman’s Week 04 PPJ
May 1, 2017

We made a big change to COR 010 after our last presentation. We constantly got feedback that the audience didn’t understand what was going on and we agreed… So me made a wicked new camera move and turned the camera on its side, it’s gonna be sweet. We will get it done and it will give us a better shot to show off what’s going on, here’s a quick bash comp I made early on in the development process:

After making these edits to COR I had to re-prioritize myself onto engines throughout the show, both ions and in atmos. I found a few too many errors in my initial setup file that I made back in the fall… Just shows how much I’ve learned since then. These two renders are the closest result I’ve gotten to what I was initially aiming for.

I also spent considerable time tweaking my thruster setup to include a better, more procedural way of populating the ship with effects. I now I have more control over sizing and can quickly add flicker and scaling to the thrusters.

I found out about Window’s Screen Sketch, it’s pretty fun.

Lobster Fact: Salt and Pepper: Forever is the best type of lobster.

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